BON AÑA NOBO:One Year with Odoo:

Powering Success Beyond Boundaries

In the dynamic world of business, milestones are not just markers of time; they are testimonials of growth and success. As we celebrate our one-year partnership with Odoo, it's not just a commemoration of time passed but a celebration of the transformative journey we've embarked upon.

The Power of Partnership
From the outset, our partnership with Odoo has been a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. As a company deeply invested in business consultancy and digital solutions, we understood the significance of aligning ourselves with a robust and flexible platform. Odoo emerged not just as a tool but as a strategic partner in our mission to empower businesses.

City Tour Willemstad: A Project Set for Success

One of the remarkable ventures that have thrived under the wings of our partnership is City Tour Willemstad. This project, aimed at showcasing the beauty and vibrancy of Willemstad, has found its operational backbone in Odoo. The integration of apps such as e-mail marketing, contacts, CRM, and Sales has been a game-changer.

Effortless Communication with Stakeholders

With Odoo's e-mail marketing and CRM, communication with stakeholders has become not just streamlined but effortlessly engaging. From prospective collaborators to existing partners, the ability to connect seamlessly has laid the foundation for meaningful relationships that drive the success of City Tour Willemstad.

Quotations and Contracts: A Breeze with Odoo Sales
In the world of business collaborations, clarity and efficiency in quotations and contracts are paramount. Odoo Sales has been instrumental in creating beautiful, customized quotations and facilitating the smooth signing of contracts with collaborators. This not only enhances the professional image of City Tour Willemstad but also expedites the decision-making process.

Setting the Stage for Success
As the founder of both and City Tour Willemstad, Odoo has provided me with the tools to set up this project for unparalleled success. The interconnectedness of Odoo's applications has not only simplified the operational aspects but has allowed for a holistic approach to project management and growth strategy.

Partnering with City Tour Willemstad:
For those interested in becoming a part of our journey with City Tour Willemstad, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities on Whether you're looking to collaborate, contribute, or simply be a part of something extraordinary, we welcome you to join us in showcasing the heart of Willemstad.

Conclusion: A Journey of Growth
In conclusion, our one-year partnership with Odoo has been marked by achievements, growth, and the realization of the immense potential that lies within strategic digital partnerships. As we look forward to the future, we're excited about the possibilities that continue to unfold, not just for us but for the businesses and projects we nurture.

Thank you, Odoo, for a year of collaboration, and here's to many more years of innovation, success, and shared accomplishments.

Warm regards,

Lina Nijman
Founder, & City Tour Willemstad

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